Chrome extension for autofilling captchas

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Welcome to CaptchaLess.

CaptchaLess is a chrome extension which is designed to auto-fill captcha at USTC sites, including http://**, http://**, http://** . You can download CaptchaLess at chrome app store.
This extension is our final project of Video Technology class. Although most of students in class choose to do something more about research, we think it's much more interesting to do something practical. After finishing this project, we find that this utility can be quite useful and we already have students using it.

Main Work

In this project, we have mainly three parts of works:
1. Server part based on django framework
2. Algorithm implement for captcha recognition
3. Front-end code for getting captcha image and autofilling the result

Chrome extension get captcha image first in HTML DOM, and send data to server in the URL, in the format of base64. In the back end, Django server read the URL and decode it to image data, and then send it to recognition part to get the result. Finally the result send to front end in the format of HTTP Response.
You can get source code for each part at github: server, algorithm, and front-end code.

Authors and Contributors

This project has three authors, they are Wang Yunfeng(@vra),Huang Zhihua(@hzh8311), Pu Junfu(@Jevin754).
Yunfeng works on the front end, Junfu responses for the recognition algorithm and Zhihua mainly focus on django server work.

Support or Contact

If you have any questions, please raise a issue or comment on our extension in chrome app store.